About the Foundation


To ensure no child in the greater Geelong region misses out on being able to play Australian Rules football due to financial reasons.


To strengthen the legacy of Mark West who set an amazing example of how to make a difference to those around him through participation, community involvement and striving to be the best you can be.

The Foundation was established in October 2014 with these 2 missions as the focus of what it is trying to achieve. The Foundation will try and help overcome the growing problem of disadvantaged kids missing out on opportunities due to their families financial situation whilst remembering our great friend Mark who’s values we respect so highly.

The Foundation will raise funds via grant funding, corporate and private donations as well as fundraisers. These funds will then be used to provide as many scholarships as possible to children who qualify for assistance.

The Foundation is a registered charity with both the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) and the Australian Tax Office (ATO). It is ran by a Board with all directors volunteering their time to help achieve the Foundations missions.


Paul West - Co-chairperson

Paul is Mark's older brother and someone that he always looked up to. They grew up in a room together as part of a very tight family so they knew each other inside and out. Paul is the West family's representative on the Board.

Tom Harriott - Co-chairperson and Founder

Tom is a best friend of Mark’s, they went to school and played football both together and against each other. Tom is also the West family representative for the Mark West Award which is awarded to the most exemplary junior player at the Newtown & Chilwell F.C.

Simon Sutterby

Simon was one of the main leaders Mark played under at NCFC. Simon was a mentor to Mark and was always helping him with ways to improve himself. Simon is the Managing Director of the Geelong Financial Group so brings great skills to the Board

Dean Hackwill

Dean is a great friend and teammate of Mark’s. When Mark broke into the senior team whilst still being a junior player, they immediately hit it off and became very close mates both on and off the field.

Damien Villarosa

Damien is a long time best friend of Mark’s, he also went to school and played football both together and against Mark. Damien and Mark’s families were also very close so they spent a huge amount of time together. They also shared the passion of being very proud and vocal Carlton supporters.

Rob Condy

Rob is the youngest member of the Board, he was coached in the mid 1990's by Mark in his first few years of junior coaching. Rob is a successful small business owner with his own landscaping business.

Tim O'Toole

Tim is a former teammate of Mark's after they started playing together in the U/18's at NCFC. They became great friends and socialized regularly together. Tim is a manager at ANZ and has great networking connections thanks to his previous business ownership in some of Geelong's best pubs and restaurants.